Get First Page Rankings In Google In Hours- Use EVO II

When people make claims about their product I like to say “put your money where your mouth is”. Well the creator of Brute Force SEO Evo 2 has done just that.

Now what the hell does THAT mean exactly?

After you read through this short post you will see the creator of Brute Force Seo, Peter Drew, has  “Put His Money Where His Mouth Is”

I took his $1.00 trial and in 2 days here are my results:

Search Term = (product name)
Competition without quotes = 240,000
Competition with quotes = 25,800


My money keyword, which was the product name, went from no listing on the 1st hundred pages of Gogle to #10 on page one.

My secondary keyword went from page 3 bottom  to number 12 page 2, the biggest surprise was that a new page I had just put up and then entered into one of the systems called “link loophole” actually ended up on page 1 above the product owners page .

I was pretty excited when I woke up to this because I started imagining what I could be doing with this over the next little while :> This thing is going to be a fantastic time saver.

I have tried to do some of this seo work manually and the amount of time  it takes was out of the question but in only working 3 hours I was able to get results that might have taken me months to do manually

I don’t think it’s enough to say it does a weeks worth of work in under an hour, because chances are you’d get sick and tired of the weeks worth of work 1/3 of the way through it.

This gets rid of a lot of that drudgery and headache without having to outsource and gets you the results you have been dreaming of. OH and just so you know, i went from making 4 sales a month of the product to 3 sales in just those 3 days. That is what counts more than just the increased traffic .

In fact the page I was promoting had 3-4 times the traffic it used to have per day and I know it will keep getting better.

Do you see how powerful this is?

With additions like the incredible Social Account Creation Module…the sensational Social Submitter Module…and the Insane Article Sourcer and DARE Modules (Top Secret- see these Inside!) and you’ve got a package that just TRIPLED in value, but it’s STILL only just a Buck $1 to Test Drive!

I paid for my system after the trial with the money I made during the trial and there is no reason you can’t do the same or at least earn part of it so this makes the trial a no brainer.

Click here— Brute Force SEO Evo $1 Trial

P.S. Right now the trial is FREE, not even $1 so it is even a bigger No Brainer than before.

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Note: The good folks at the FTC require me to disclose that I am an affiliate of some of the companies that manufacture and market some of the products you will find on this website, and that these companies may compensate me if you buy any of these products.

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